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In 2021 We have lived through a life-changing pandemic. So many have experienced loss, with lockdowns extra time to think and remind us what is important in this world.  Art, again and again, is an old friend who holds a safe space for me to be brave and just do the work. If something I made gives a moment of joy, peace, has meaning or brings comfort to someone.  Then I have done the work right. 

The Artwork 

My works contain two parallel streams one is in the world of observations life, nature, people. These will mostly be formatted rectangular and are as they seem to be. The other is not this world in surrealist tradition experiences of thoughts; these are formatted in a square so you will know there is more to see here. Look closely for hidden objects or find them from across a room. 


Born in the Arizona desert raised and currently working in rural Kansas. My work is influence by the Tao, I look for inspiration in everyday interactions. This could be found in writings, experiences of natural spaces, music, meditation, and lucid dreaming. Like many artists exploring themes that come from my own personal loves, hardships, fears, and joys. All the things that come with this human experience, all have a journey to complete.   

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