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Defiant Eve 

The thought that what if she knew what would happen? What if it were the only way? The thing that struck me was the concept of the “Tree of Knowledge.” Knowledge has to be earned. Most of the time it is earned painfully. Eden is in a state of perpetual perfection. How long then, until a paradise turns into a prison. So here is the choice: choose to stay safe in a neutral existence, or, do you risk it and taste bitter and sweet of life. Stop blaming Eve, man was created to fall anyway. That’s how one learns to stand. We didn’t lose Eden, we just stopped seeing it. There was a time when we were connected to respected worshiped the natural world.  I feel that the overall quest to suppress, subdue, or blame the "feminine" in all things has a direct impact on the imbalance we are experiencing now.  

2016-Miranda Easton 

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