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Update 6 weeks post-operation

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Shoulder surgery is no joke this is a slow recovery and I am 6 weeks in now. Seen the surgeon for check-in and got the ok to be out of the sling and start physical therapy. Being patient and ask for help not my strong suit I want my arm back and independence again. No matter how much my family has been good at helping me it is not what I would think anyone's preferred situation. What I had to get done is repair and full supraspinatus tear that needed 4 anchors and had the clavicle cut back 1" due to arthritis bone spurs and a full release for carpal tunnel. This was all on my left side my only side as I have Erb's palsy due to a forced removal (pulled out by my right arm) during delivery. So as I sit in my healing process I am working on my range of motion but at a one-pound weight limit. So many things that I can not do right now if I focus on it well it is not good. So I guess this is going to be a rebuilding year for so many things and focus on move life forward.

Just 6 weeks ago I needed help with everything you never know how much minor irritation you fix a day without thinking (hair in your face, etc) until you cannot and have to ask for help. Accepting the challenges being happy and grateful for the little improvements and small wins.

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