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The clearing at the end of the path Mira

Clearing at the end of the Path 

“Go now. Our journey is done. And may we meet again, in the clearing at the end of the path.” 

Stephen King- The Dark Tower


This line was the inspiration for the painting. I painted this after the passing of my Dad. We all know that this life will end and we have different ideas on what will happen next. When you are young and healthy the end of the path is far in the distance. On your path you gain experience through time, decay and loss or the realization of the fragility of one’s own body. Most religions of the world now and throughout time have a place where one is reunited with loved ones. The idea of a clearing at the end of the path is a simple and poetic statement. This appeals to me as a watcher, student, and participant of the journey


Miranda Easton -2015

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