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The Pawpaw Path by Miranda Easton_edited.jpg

The Pawpaw Path

The inspiration for this painting was walking the trails on a crisp fall day looking for the Pawpaw patch. The forest is dark with a great canopy of trees with little rays of light dancing on the ground.  The air was damp with earthy smells while slippery leaves and rocks prove you must watch your footing.  Looking ahead a light-filled path leading up and out of the underbrush. The Pawpaw is a symbol of the celebration of friends and family. The sweet fruit of North America's river bottoms and damp underbrush.  If you find yourself on a darkened path look closely for the hidden sweetness. 

-Miranda Easton 

coneflower, flower, purple, teal, landscape, realism, Miranda Easton artist, art by Miranda Easton, 16x20 painting, acrylic painting, art for sale, fine art 

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