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Extended thoughts on "I Am the Storm"

Updated: Feb 21

"I am" creating a series of five paintings dealing with the stages of grief as they relate to the five elements, the five rings, and the five stages of belief. The number five appears in many places of thought through time, philosophy, and the physical world.

This first meditation specifically delves into the profound stage of grief known as reflection, which aligns with the Air element among the five elements.

In the journey through grief, the stage of Depression is akin to a thoughtful and intellectual introspection on the human condition and the inherent absurdity of life. Much like the qualities associated with Air, this stage involves deep contemplation, prompting questioning the meaning and purpose of their existence. Depresion would align with Nihilism is associated with extreme pessimism and an impulse to destroy.

The metaphor extends to the Wind element (Fu), representing the gentle or powerful currents of emotion that characterize the experience of depression in grief. The sense of being carried along by the emotional winds mirrors the introspective and thoughtful qualities associated with the Air element. This exploration of the posing of the figure aligns itself with the power of resignation of the turning fortunes of time. Invites viewers to connect with the profound reflections that emerge during the complex and often turbulent journey through grief.

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